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Wine Preservation and Wine Breathers

From the basic wine saver to the excellent Pek Supremo, essential for keeping your opened bottles 'fresh'.


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Vacu Vin Wine Saver - Item 1227

Vacu Vin Wine Saver helps prevent the deterioration of wine once opened - possibly one of our most used bar accessories.
£10.70 inc. vat

Vacu Vin Spare Stoppers (2) - Item 1228

Spare Stoppers (2 pack)
£3.85 inc. vat

Vacu Vin Champagne Saver - Item 1589

The Vacu Vin Champagne Saver - An essential wine accessory for all Champagne and Sparkling Wines
£14.95 inc. vat

Vacu Vin Concerto Wine Saver with 4 stoppers - Item 1229

Vacu Vin Concerto Wine Saver. Vacu Vin's deluxe version of their ordinary wine saver. Comes with 4 stoppers.
£16.05 inc. vat

Vacu Vin Concerto Spare Stoppers (2) - Item 1230

Spare Stoppers (2 pack)
£4.10 inc. vat

AntiOx Wine Stopper - 1 - Item 1593

The AntiOx Wine Stopper/Preserver (1) - The simplest wine preserver to use just pop on the bottle firmly - no pumping required! - not only great bar stuff but essential bar equipment.
£17.30 inc. vat

Private Preserve - Item 1461

Private Preserve - The Original Inert Gas Aerosol Wine Preserver which lays a completely safe blanket of inert gas over the wine. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ITEM IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY TO THE UK MAINLAND.
£18.95 inc. vat

2 Pack Spare WINE Stoppers For Champagne and Wine Saver - Item 1457

Please note these spare stoppers are coloured Burgundy
£7.70 inc. vat

Spare CHAMPAGNE Stopper For Champagne and Wine Saver - Item 1458

£8.00 inc. vat

Screwpull Champagne Crown (Satin finish) - Item 1173

Screwpull Champagne Crown (Satin finish) bottle stopper.
£29.05 inc. vat

Gardes Bulles Spare Stoppers (2) - Item 1234

Spare Stoppers (2 pack) - Gardes Bulles itself unfortunately no longer available
£30.50 inc. vat

Air-au-Vin Red Wine Breather - Item 1235

To appreciate the full range of flavours in a red wine it should be allowed to breathe. This original Air-au-Vin Red Wine Breather cuts the breathing time from hours to minutes. Simple and easy to use. A great wine accessory gift.
£12.95 inc. vat

Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather - Item 1236

The electronic Rouge O2 wine breather enables you to enjoy wines at their best within minutes of opening.
£23.75 inc. vat

Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather - Stainless Steel - Item 1476

As with our standard Rouge 02 this version in Stainless Steel enables you to enjoy wines at their best within minutes of opening.
£39.90 inc. vat

Wine Breather - Aerator - Pourer - Item 1460

This Wine Breather aerates wine as it is being poured from the bottle to the glass, enabling the drinking of red wine in its finest condition instantly. N B 1 in Stock
£36.00 inc. vat

When it comes to wine, once the bottle is opened, the preservation of the wine plays an important role. The wine can change for worse in no time at all. Once you open your bottle of vintage the exposure to air begins to show its effect on the aroma, flavor and the colour of the wine. Protect the wine and let it breathe with our range of wine savers such as the superb Pek Supremo, Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather, Vacu Vin Concerto Wine Saver etc. These Wine savers will help in preventing the deterioration of the wine once opened. Private Preserve is another handy product from our repertoire. It prevents the early oxidation of wine by using the same inert gases used in the production and bottling of wine. These products are essential for locking in the freshness of your opened wine bottles and protecting them for your enjoyment later on.