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Wine Warmer - Therm au Rouge - Item 1100

Wine Warmer - Therm au Rouge. No longer do you have to wait hours for your red wines to reach the correct temperature. Therm au Rouge and it's unique energising gel gently warms up your wine in a controlled and sophisticated way, which can be repeated time and again by simply regenerating in boiling water.
£15.15 £13.64 inc. vat

Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather - Item 1236

The electronic Rouge O2 wine breather enables you to enjoy wines at their best within minutes of opening.
£23.75 £21.38 inc. vat

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch) - Item 1591

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch).
If you don't like your Whisky (Particularly a Fine Single Malt) diluted by ice on a warm day - these ice-cube size granite stones are for you - keep them in your Freezer ready for use -'SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS'!
£24.75 £22.28 inc. vat

Burgundian Tastevin (Silver Plate) - Item 1219

The Silver Plate Burgundian Tastevin is used at wine tastings by both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike, being perfect for displaying the colour and nose of the wine.
£33.45 £30.11 inc. vat

Coutale Prestige Corkscrew Wooden Handle - Item 1463

This Coutale Prestige Corkscrew with a Wooden Handle works in the traditional method as per the 'Waiter's Friend' models.
£17.15 £15.44 inc. vat

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel) - Item 1077

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel). A deluxe wine cooler which looks really elegant on the table.
£29.55 £26.60 inc. vat

Zig Zag Corkscrew - Item 1148

This is an excellent replacement for the now discontinued Lazy Fish Corkscrew with the same 'Lazy Tongs' movement.
£45.95 £41.36 inc. vat

Spiegelau Angelo - Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1395

Spiegelau Angelo Decanter (Magnum) is a modern but elegant Decanter from Spiegelau, combining quality and really good value - (Supplied without a Stopper).
£96.55 £86.90 inc. vat

Corkscrew - Pewter with Brush - Item 1443

Corkscrew with a pewter handle and brush
£67.55 £60.80 inc. vat

Spiegelau Napoli Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1397

****** STAR BUY ******
Spiegelau Napoli Decanter (Magnum)-(Supplied without a Stopper)
£126.30 £94.73 inc. vat

Champagne Sabre Laguiole - Olive Wood Handle - Item 1175

This Champagne Sabre(or Champagne Sword)by Laguiole has an Olive Wood handle and is more 'delicate' than the Stone Block Sabre - but equally effective!
This magnificent Champagne Sabre comes in a black wooden gift box.
£225.85 £203.27 inc. vat

Pouring Arc Universel - Wine Bottle Holder - Item 1112

A deluxe arc wine bottle holder.
£44.40 £39.96 inc. vat