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Ice Bucket - Round Plastic - Black - Item 1060

Stylish round black plastic ice bucket. Large capacity for lots of ice at the party!
Capacity 3 litres.
£21.45 £19.31 inc. vat

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch) - Item 1591

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch).
If you don't like your Whisky (Particularly a Fine Single Malt) diluted by ice on a warm day - these ice-cube size granite stones are for you - keep them in your Freezer ready for use -'SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS'!
£24.75 £22.28 inc. vat

The Hotel Room Planner / Bookings Diary ( 27 Rooms without Gold Blocking ) - Item 1331

The Hotel Room Planner / Bookings Diary - for hotels with up to 27 rooms. Without the gold block engraving.
Please note that due to extremely small margins we are unable to offer discounts on our range of Hotel and Restaurant Diaries/Registers etc. (except for multiple quantities).
£63.40 £57.06 inc. vat

Burgundian Tastevin (Silver Plate) - Item 1219

The Silver Plate Burgundian Tastevin is used at wine tastings by both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike, being perfect for displaying the colour and nose of the wine.
£33.45 £30.11 inc. vat

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel) - Item 1077

****** STAR BUY ******
Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel). A deluxe wine cooler which looks really elegant on the table.
£29.55 £23.64 inc. vat

Zig Zag Corkscrew - Item 1148

This is an excellent replacement for the now discontinued Lazy Fish Corkscrew with the same 'Lazy Tongs' movement.
£45.95 £41.36 inc. vat

Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter Handle - Item 1442

This Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter handle is one of our selection of Antique style corkscrews
£42.05 £37.85 inc. vat

Pewter Wine Calendar - Item 1508

This is a most attractive and useful Wine Accessory giving a huge amount of valuable information as can be seen in the picture.
£63.55 £57.20 inc. vat

Le Creuset Screwpull LM 250 - Item 1317

The updated version of the Famous and 'Original' Screwpull model that became a must have corkscrew for all wine enthusiasts - Complete with Foil Cutter.
£81.15 £73.04 inc. vat

Chateau Laguiole - Left Handed - Light Horn - Item 1488

Laguiole corkscrew with a Light Horn handle made for left handers. Please note that this is the Genuine Original Laguiole corkscrew made in France.
£160.70 £144.63 inc. vat

Duck, Pewter and Crystal Decanter (Bottle) - Mouth Blown - Item 1394

A most impressive Crystal Duck decanter with a pewter base, lid, neck and handle. This Decanter is our long awaited replacement for our best selling Duck decanter which is no longer available, we are thrilled to at last have such a fine Duck Decanter on our list.

£252.10 £226.89 inc. vat

Pouring Arc - Wine Bottle Holder (Chrome Plate) - Item 1110

A wine bottle holder pouring arc.
£19.80 £17.82 inc. vat