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Letter Knife - Grape Handle (Pewter) - Item 1248

A most attractive and ornate little letter opener paper knife.
£25.95 £23.36 inc. vat

Burgundian Tastevin (Hallmarked Silver) - Item 1220

This hallmarked silver Burgundian Tastevin is used at wine tastings by both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike, being perfect for displaying the colour and nose of the wine.
Item comes in a Black Gift Box.
Diameter 7.5cm
Diameter with handle 10.6cm
Gross weight 55grms
£244.55 £220.10 inc. vat

Plain Tastevin with Serpent Handle (Hallmarked Silver) - Item 1222

A beautifully made and extremely elegant 'Serpents handle' tastevin in Hallmarked silver.
Item comes in a Black Gift Box.
£198.90 £179.01 inc. vat

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel) - Item 1077

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel). A deluxe wine cooler which looks really elegant on the table. This wine cooler not only is one of our most popular home bar supplies but is essential bar equipment.
£29.55 £26.60 inc. vat

Cork Spike Grapes - Pewter - Item 1618

Cork Spike - Pewter
£30.85 £27.77 inc. vat

Bottle Handle Corkscrew (Silver Plate) - Item 1150

Bottle Handle Corkscrew (Silver Plate). Excellent wine accessory gift for a Birthday or any special occasion - a practical novelty.
£29.15 £26.24 inc. vat

Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter Handle - Item 1442

This Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter handle is one of our selection of Antique style corkscrews
£42.05 £37.85 inc. vat

The Ram Corkscrew - Item 1153

A beautiful and ornate pewter ram corkscrew.
£59.95 £53.96 inc. vat

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1396

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) is a very elegant Decanter from Spiegelau in Bavaria, Germany (Please note - Spiegelau decanters do not have stoppers).
£96.55 £77.24 inc. vat

Le Creuset Screwpull LM-350 - Item 1517

Screwpull's LM-350 has an elegant ergonomic design providing a sure grip around the bottle neck effortlessly removing the cork with ease.
£120.95 £108.86 inc. vat

Corkscrew - King's Brass - Item 1444

The famous King's corkscrew in Brass
£145.25 £130.73 inc. vat

Laguiole corkscrew with Clef du Vin in presentation wallet (Oak Barrel) - Item 1160

A beautiful Laguiole corkscrew with an integral Clef du Vin (Please see our Clef du Vin range for full details). Please note that this is the Genuine Original Laguiole corkscrew made in France. N B 1 in Stock
£210.65 £189.59 inc. vat