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Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather - Item 1236

The electronic Rouge O2 wine breather enables you to enjoy wines at their best within minutes of opening.
£23.75 £21.38 inc. vat

Letter Knife - Grape Handle (Pewter) - Item 1248

A most attractive and ornate little letter opener paper knife.
£25.95 £23.36 inc. vat

Coutale Prestige Corkscrew Wooden Handle - Item 1463

This Coutale Prestige Corkscrew with a Wooden Handle works in the traditional method as per the 'Waiter's Friend' models.
£17.15 £15.44 inc. vat

Plain Tastevin with Serpent Handle (Hallmarked Silver) - Item 1222

A beautifully made and extremely elegant 'Serpents handle' tastevin in Hallmarked silver.
Item comes in a Black Gift Box.
£198.90 £179.01 inc. vat

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel) - Item 1077

Wine Cooler Double Walled (Brushed Stainless Steel). A deluxe wine cooler which looks really elegant on the table. This wine cooler not only is one of our most popular home bar supplies but is essential bar equipment.
£29.55 £26.60 inc. vat

Pulltap Classic Chrome by Pulltex - Item 1473

The classic top quality 'Waiter's Friend' corkscrew with a chrome barrel. Supplied in a Leather case.
£29.55 £26.60 inc. vat

Spittoon Cylindrical Stainless Steel (5 litre) - Item 1466

Spittoon - Cylindrical standard size stainless steel.
£92.70 £83.43 inc. vat

Zig Zag Corkscrew - Item 1148

An old fashioned style of corkscrew,this is an excellent replacement for the now discontinued Lazy Fish Corkscrew with the same 'Lazy Tongs' movement,and even more popular, one of our all time favourite wine accessories or wine gifts.
£45.95 £41.36 inc. vat

Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter Handle - Item 1442

This Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter handle is one of our selection of Antique style corkscrews
£42.05 £37.85 inc. vat

Spiegelau Pisa Decanter (Litre) - Item 1424

This Pisa Decanter from the Spiegelau Glassworks in Bavaria, Germany is aptly named and looks stunning on any dining table or sideboard (Please note - Spiegelau decanters do not have stoppers).
£107.50 £96.75 inc. vat

Spiegelau Graal Decanter (Bottle) - Item 1407

A most unusual but extremely attractive decanter made by Spiegelau the excellent glassware manufacturer in Germany
Height 24cms - Max Width 17cms - Capacity 75cls
£145.65 £116.52 inc. vat

Pouring Arc Universel - Wine Bottle Holder - Item 1112

A deluxe arc wine bottle holder.
£44.40 £39.96 inc. vat