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Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch) - Item 1591

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch) - One of our more unusual drinking accessories!
If you don't like your Whisky (Particularly a Fine Single Malt) diluted by ice on a warm day - these ice-cube size granite stones are for you - keep them in your Freezer ready for use -'SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS'!
£24.75 £22.28

Claret Jug - Lyre (Bottle) - Item 1538

The Lyre Claret Jug - a most elegant Decanter.
£62.50 £56.25

Wine Pourer, Hinged Lid (Silver Plate) - Item 1210

Silver plated wine pourer with a hinged lid. Ideal dual purpose Bar accessory to stop dripping wine and as a wine stopper.
£27.20 £24.48

Coutale Prestige Corkscrew Stainless Steel - Item 1462

This Coutale Prestige Stainless Steel Corkscrew works in the traditional method as per the 'Waiter's Friend' models.
£17.15 £15.44

Decanter Cleaning Balls - Stainless Steel - Item 1514

Stainless Steel Decanter Cleaning Balls - ideal decanter cleaning accessory for all decanters and Claret Jugs - essential bar stuff
£9.15 £8.24

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1396

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) is a very elegant Decanter from Spiegelau in Bavaria, Germany (Please note - Spiegelau decanters do not have stoppers).
£96.55 £77.24

Corkscrew - Pewter with Brush - Item 1443

Corkscrew with a pewter handle and brush
£67.55 £60.80

Spiegelau Graal Decanter (Bottle) - Item 1407

A most unusual but extremely attractive decanter made by Spiegelau the excellent glassware manufacturer in Germany
Height 24cms - Max Width 17cms - Capacity 75cls
£145.65 £116.52

Coaster for Wine. Grape Lattice (Pewter) - Item 1009

A most attractive wine coaster, ornate and almost rustic in style.
£60.75 £54.68

Pouring Arc - Wine Bottle Holder (Chrome Plate) - Item 1110

A wine bottle holder pouring arc - One of our biggest selling wine related gifts and items of bar equipment.
£19.80 £17.82

Foil Cutter for Wine Bottles- Pewter - Item 1409

An elegant and unusual foil cutter for removing foil from bottles of wine.
£27.25 £24.53

Decantus Classic Wine Aerator - Item 1497

This unique Aerator is one of the most effective wine aerators on the market.
Includes Decantus Classic Aerator & Base, Velvet Storage Pouch, Sediment Screen and Cleaning Brush.
£58.15 £52.34