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Hip Flask - Pewter Rectangular (6 ounce) - Item 1023

****** STAR BUY ******
This very useful pewter hip flask has a 6 ounce capacity. One of our most popular Drink Accessories
£31.00 £24.80 inc. vat

Powerpull Corkscrew - Item 1152

A metal and wood corkscrew complete with a round stand and teflon coated screw.
£38.55 £34.70 inc. vat

The Ram Corkscrew - Item 1153

A beautiful and ornate pewter ram corkscrew.
£47.25 £42.53 inc. vat

Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter Handle and Brush - Item 1459

Another antique style corkscrew with a brush
£51.90 £46.71 inc. vat

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1396

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) is a very elegant Decanter from Spiegelau (Supplied without a Stopper).
£96.55 £86.90 inc. vat

Le Creuset Screwpull LM 250 - Item 1317

The updated version of the Famous and 'Original' Screwpull model that became a must have corkscrew for all wine enthusiasts - Complete with Foil Cutter.
£81.15 £73.04 inc. vat

Laguiole corkscrew with Clef du Vin in presentation wallet (Oak Barrel) - Item 1160

A beautiful Laguiole corkscrew with an integral Clef du Vin (Please see our Clef du Vin range for full details). Please note that this is the Genuine Original Laguiole corkscrew made in France. N B 1 in Stock
£210.65 £189.59 inc. vat

Plain Drip Ring for wine Bottles (Pewter) - Item 1211

A pewter wine bottle drip ring preventing those annoying drips.
£14.45 £13.01 inc. vat

Grape Design Drip Ring (Pewter) - Item 1212

Pewter Drip Ring - Grape Design.
£16.95 £15.26 inc. vat

Foil Cutter for Wine Bottles- Pewter - Item 1409

An elegant and unusual foil cutter for removing foil from bottles of wine.
£27.25 £24.53 inc. vat

Pewter Decanting Funnel - Flat Filter - Item 1052

An extremely functional yet attractive wine funnel for decanting wine into both carafes and decanters.
£70.30 £63.27 inc. vat