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The Restaurant Diary 2020 ( Case Bound without Gold Blocking ) - Item 1326

The Restaurant Diary 2020 (Case Bound Version) Without the gold block engraving. NOW IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE TO ORDER
Please note that due to extremely small margins we are unable to offer discounts on our range of Hotel and Restaurant Diaries/Registers etc. (except for multiple quantities).
£67.50 £60.75 inc. vat

Paperweight Champagne Cork (Silver Plate) - Item 1258

A Life-sized silver plated Champagne cork paperweight - another of our great wine gifts .
£27.05 £24.35 inc. vat

Claret Jug - Lyre (Bottle) - Item 1538

The Lyre Claret Jug - a most elegant Decanter.
£62.50 £56.25 inc. vat

Digital Maximum/Minimum Cellar Thermometer/Hygrometer with Automatic Reset - Item 1611

Digital Maximum/Minimum Cellar Thermometer/Hygrometer
A most useful Cellar Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer showing the maximum/minimum temperatures over the past 24 hours since last automatic reset - ideal for the Cellar or Wine Store.
Self standing or wall-mounted.
N B This Thermometer/Hygrometer is not suitable for outdoor use.
£39.90 £35.91 inc. vat

Coutale Prestige Corkscrew Wooden Handle - Item 1463

This Coutale Prestige Corkscrew with a Wooden Handle works in the traditional method as per the 'Waiter's Friend' models.
£17.15 £15.44 inc. vat

Plain Tastevin with Serpent Handle (Hallmarked Silver) - Item 1222

A beautifully made and extremely elegant 'Serpents handle' tastevin in Hallmarked silver.
Item comes in a Black Gift Box.
£198.90 £149.18 inc. vat

Vacu-vin Rapid Ice Champagne Cooler Elegant - (Stainless Steel) - Item 1524

Vacu-vin Rapid Ice Champagne Cooler Elegant - (Stainless Steel) - Please note that this cooler is only suitable for standard shaped 75cl Champagne bottles.

£37.55 £33.80 inc. vat

Corkscrew with a Wood and Pewter Handle and Brush - Item 1459

Another antique style corkscrew with a brush
£51.90 £46.71 inc. vat

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1396

Spiegelau Carlo - Decanter (Magnum) is a very elegant Decanter from Spiegelau in Bavaria, Germany (Please note - Spiegelau decanters do not have stoppers).
£96.55 £77.24 inc. vat

Spiegelau Pisa Decanter (Litre) - Item 1424

This Pisa Decanter from the Spiegelau Glassworks in Bavaria, Germany is aptly named and looks stunning on any dining table or sideboard (Please note - Spiegelau decanters do not have stoppers).
£107.50 £86.00 inc. vat

Coaster with Cork Holder (Pewter) - Item 1007

This is an unusual wine bottle coaster in an antique style and having a useful integral cork holder.
£41.80 £37.62 inc. vat

Spiegelau Graal Decanter (Bottle) - Item 1407

A most unusual but extremely attractive decanter made by Spiegelau the excellent glassware manufacturer in Germany
Height 24cms - Max Width 17cms - Capacity 75cls
£145.65 £116.52 inc. vat

Claret Jug - Pewter Base and Mount (Bottle) - Mouth Blown - Item 1038

One of our best selling wine accessories - an extremely elegant Claret jug beautifully made in glass and pewter. This stylish wine decanter has a hinged lid and just begs to be filled with a fine Bordeaux!
£169.30 £152.37 inc. vat

Pewter Decanting Funnel - Fixed Filter - Item 1552

A superior decanting funnel in polished hand-made pewter with a fixed filter. This decanting funnel is one of our most popular wine accessories gifts.
£87.10 £78.39 inc. vat