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Great news about the 'Bottle Block' wine racks! (Date: 06 May 2016)

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Great news about the 'Bottle Block' wine racks!
  • Completely fills any space
  • Easy to assemble
  • No bottle label damage
  • May be seamlessly added to
  • Elegant design

Completely feel any space: –
Being individual blocks a stack will completely fill any available space. The arrangement can be made as big or small as required, from small stack on a table for a dinner party display to a whole wall in a wine cellar Using single blocks, the number of bottles stored in any specific area is maximised as the whole area is filled

Easy assemble:-
No tools/adhesives necessary- assembly is as easy as it gets, just stack the blocks up

No bottle labelled damage:-
Smooth bottle supporting surfaces ensure bottle labels never get scratched or damaged

May be seamlessly added to:-
As your wine collection grows your "Bottle Block" wine rack can seamlessly grow with it. Can be easily relocated as it will reshape to any space
Bottle Block Wine Rack - 1 Pack (holds up to 13 bottles)

Bottle Block Wine Rack - 10 Pack (holds up to 103 bottles)

Clive and the team at Fine Wine Accessories
Tel : 01403 784852

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