Decanters / Claret Jugs / Carafes and Jugs

Most of our Claret Jugs and Decanters are Hand Made - Mouth Blown and as such may contain a few bubbles of air trapped within the moulton glass during the manufacturing process. This is a normal and acceptable part of the process of Hand Made, Mouth Blown Glass and should be considered more ‘A badge of honour’ rather than as a flaw

Decanters and Claret Jugs are necessary items for all wine lovers. No matter what the age of the wine is, decanting heightens the level of enjoyment a notch higher. Fine Wine Accessories offers a huge variety of wine decanters. The Ships decanters available from us were traditionally used on the captain's table by Royal Navy ships, in the latter half of the 18th century. These well thought of broad base designs ensure complete stability when used at sea. Now days these ship decanters are not only reserved for the ships but have also found their way into the homes. Even the ship decanters come with solid stoppers for protecting the wine. We also have attractive engraved Claret Jugs that would make perfect birthday or Christmas presents. With a pleasant appearance it would go really well with your dinnerware and other accessories. The other available decanters include the Burgundy Vendanges Decanter; hand blown to perfection, the beautiful Concerto Decanter with Handle to grace any table, the Spiegelau Angelo – Decanter, the unusual Duck Decanter and Carafes that are becoming more and more fashionable by the day. The best amongst the lot is the Hoggett Decanter which has a rounded base and a round wooden stand. With distinct looks and stunning appearances all these decanters make exquisite gift options.