Corkscrews - etc

Ideally a wine opener should be elegant to look at and easy to use! At fine wine accessories you have an enormous number of accessories to choose from to perfectly suit your bar. Our stock includes wine openers and other accessories that are great to look at and at the same time very easy to use. The professional quality bar mounted corkscrew for instance is very good in terms of functionality as it can be of great use even for the most stubborn of the corks amongst the lot. Once you get a hang of it and see how easy it is to use, you might want to forget the rest of the corkscrews. The cork retriever from our collection is an absolutely must have accessory when it comes to getting out those stubborn corks stuck down the neck of the bottles. We also stock a good collection of champagne sabres which are great to open champagne bottles with a single swig of the knives during parties and events without a messy outcome. We have one of the largest collection of wine accessories which also make good gift ideas.