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Foil Cutter for Wine Bottles - Item 1177

This wine bottle foil cutter cuts the foil around the cork cleanly with just a couple of twists left and right.

Foil Cutter for Wine Bottles- Pewter - Item 1409

An elegant and unusual foil cutter for removing foil from bottles of wine.

Whether you are at home or throwing a party, it is always a messy task to get rid of that foil around the neck of the bottle. With our fine range of foil cutters you will be surprised at how easy this task is.  Our foil cutter comes in either a smooth plastic finish or the elegant artistic finish. The foil cutter for wine bottle is the perfect accessory for you to remove the foil around the wine bottle without creating a lot of mess. This compact device is quite effective if you want to avoid creating a mess in front of your guests. Just a few twists and turns here and there and you are sorted.