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Decanting Accessories » Decanting Funnels and Aerators

These decanting funnels and aerators are both attractive and useful.


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Pewter Decanting Funnel - Flat Filter - Item 1052

An extremely functional yet attractive wine funnel for decanting wine into both carafes and decanters.
£70.30 inc. vat

Pewter Decanting Funnel - Fixed Filter - Item 1552

A superior decanting funnel in polished hand-made pewter with a fixed filter. This decanting funnel is one of our most popular wine accessories gifts.
£81.60 inc. vat

Wine Aerator - Glass - Item 1276

Wine aerators are fast becoming a fashionable wine accessory, as well as being very practical.
£18.80 inc. vat

Sphera Wine Aerator - Silver plate - Item 1553

An unusual wine aerator made in Silver plated metal.

£20.55 inc. vat

Decantus Classic Wine Aerator - Item 1497

This unique Aerator is one of the most effective wine aerators on the market.
Includes Decantus Classic Aerator & Base, Velvet Storage Pouch, Sediment Screen and Cleaning Brush.
£58.15 inc. vat

Wine decanting equipment including decanting funnels of glass, pewter and silver plate, some with filters.

Aerators include glass silver plate and pewter.