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Decanting Accessories » Decanter Cleaning - Brushes etc


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Glass Polishing Cloth - High Technology - Item 1515

A High Technology Glass Cleaning Cloth for smearless glass polishing.
£8.55 inc. vat

Decanter Cleaning Balls - Stainless Steel - Item 1514

Stainless Steel Decanter Cleaning Balls - ideal decanter cleaning accessory for all decanters and Claret Jugs.
£9.15 inc. vat

Decanter Brush - Small - Item 1455

This is a shorter version of our large decanter brush.
28cm x 2.8cm
£6.70 inc. vat

Decanter Brush - Large - Item 1049

This large decanter brush is the easiest and possibly the only way to clean the bottom of Claret jugs,Decanters and Carafes efficiently and thoroughly - an essential wine accessory.
52cm x 4cm
£11.75 inc. vat