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Cocktail Accessories

Cocktail shakers for great cocktails.


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Double Jigger Measure - 25ml and 50ml - Item 1529

A traditional double measure for mixing Cocktails - 25ml and 50ml

Cocktail Spoon and Muddler 11inch (Stainless Steel) - Item 1530

Our 11 inch Stainless Steel Cocktail Spoon and Muddler.

Lemon Squeezer (Stainless Steel) - Item 1531

Really useful lemon squeezer - stainless steel

Hawthorne Strainer with Ears (Stainless Steel) - Item 1532

An essential Cocktail accessory to keep your cocktails clear

Cocktail Shaker Boston Style 0.5 litre (Stainless Steel and Glass) - Item 1528

This traditional Cocktail Shaker is in Stainless Steel and Glass - 0.5 litre - an essential piece of bar equipment and one of the most useful bar accessories.

Cocktail Shaker 0.7 litre (Polished Stainless Steel) - Item 1179

A party size polished stainless steel cocktail shaker.

Cocktail Shaker 0.5 litre (Polished Stainless Steel) - Item 1180

A Top quality polished stainless steel Cocktail Shaker.

Have a well equipped bar with our wide choice of professional cocktail accessories. Our range of cocktail equipment is sure to add an extra touch to your personal bar. If you want to show off your bartending skills, what is better than to make the cocktail all by yourself in a cocktail shaker in a complete pro bartender style? With our range of cocktail shakers you can go all professional in front of your guests and prepare some delicious cocktails. You can go for the subtle stainless steel satin finish cocktail shakers or the shiny polished look. Both the options will look equally good on your bar counter. Less fussy to use and perfect for homes, these cocktail shakers will make you feel like a pro when you prepare cocktails in no time at all. Serve your creations in style in one of our elegant cocktail glasses, there are some new additions to our range such as the Spiegelau Exotic Drink, Spiegelau Soiree Martini, Spiegelau Tropical Drink, etc. There are some other interesting accessories as well such as the Double Jigger Measure, Cocktail Spoon and Muddler, Lemon Squeezer etc. So go ahead - show off a bit in front of your guests, prepare your own cocktails and relish every single drop of your own creation.