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Most of our Claret Jugs and Decanters are Hand Made - Mouth Blown and as such may contain a few bubbles of air trapped within the moulton glass during the manufacturing process. This is a normal and acceptable part of the process of Hand Made, Mouth Blown Glass and should be considered more ‘A badge of honour’ rather than as a flaw


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Claret Jug - Engraved (Litre) - Item 1446

A most attractive Engraved Claret Jug
Weight with stopper app 1000gms

Claret Jug - Pewter Base and Mount (Bottle) - Mouth Blown - Item 1038

One of our best selling wine accessories - an extremely elegant Claret jug beautifully made in glass and pewter. This stylish wine decanter has a hinged lid and just begs to be filled with a fine Bordeaux!

You can select from our exclusive range of claret jugs. Some of our unusual designs include the Duck Pewter and Crystal Decanter which are some amusing inclusions in our repertoire. This duck shaped carafe will look quite entertaining on your table. The Claret Jug with Pewter Mount is a beautiful and impressive piece, hand blown to perfection. This glass wine decanter has a good capacity of two wine bottles. Although this crystal decanter has a traditional design the appearance is fairly modern. The Claret Jug Grand Cru is a decently sized elegant Claret Jug. It is good in terms of both looks and functionality.