Champagne Sabre Laguiole - Olive Wood Handle
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Champagne Sabre Laguiole - Olive Wood Handle - Item 1175

Champagne Sabre made by Laguiole En Aubrac Overall Length: 415mm Handle Length: 145mm Blade Length: 270mm Blade width at its widest point: 42mm Fine Stainless steel Blade and Olive Wood Handle in a presentation box How to use a Champagne Sabre: Remove the foil from the bottle. Loosen the wire but keep in place. Hold the bottle with the top facing away from you with the seam, which runs the length of the bottle, uppermost. Rest the flat of the blade on the bottle with the cutting edge directed away from the bottle top. Move the sabre sharply up the bottle neck along the line of the seam and with the back edge of the blade strike the ring of glass just below the cork. The top of the neck, complete with cork in place, should then break cleanly away. Do Not use in a Dishwasher.

This magnificent Champagne Sabre comes in a black wooden gift box.

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