Cellar Book (Black Leather Bound)
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Cellar Book (Black Leather Bound) - Item 1256

Leather Bound Wine Log Wine Log, Cellar Book, Tasting Journal Dimensions: 215mm x 155mm Hardback book with a black cover and gold embossing. Section One - Wine Tasting Basics, A simple guide for accessing wine. Includes a glossary of over 300 tasting terms, a wine cellar guide and wine temperature serving information. Section Two - Cellar Records (55 pages) Organise and catalogue fine wines for greater value and enjoyment. Individual pages for each wine purchased in quantity. Dates, supplier information,Producer, Grape Variety, Country/Region, Vintage, Notes, prices and stock changes. Plus, you have an invaluable consumption history showing the maturing of each wine. Wine investments are maximised, as your notes give a clear picture of drinking each wine in its prime. Section Three - Tasting Notes -(100 entries) With the thousands of wines available, you need a place to keep notes on the interesting wines you taste. These pages help you remember wines you enjoyed, the ones you will want to buy again. You can keep a records of occasions, menus and the wine's suitability. Section Four - Useful Address and Telephone Numbers Section Five - Wine and the Internet - The best web sites for wine information.

This is definitely one of our most popular gifts for wine lovers.

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