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Classic champagne sabres make ideal presents for men.


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Champagne Sabre - with a Stone Block Stand - Item 1176

A Champagne Sabre is used mainly on ceremonial occasions but is often used to open a champagne bottle with great style and flair!

Champagne Sabre Laguiole - Olive Wood Handle - Item 1175

This Champagne Sabre(or Champagne Sword)by Laguiole has an Olive Wood handle and is more 'delicate' than the Stone Block Sabre - but equally effective!
This magnificent Champagne Sabre comes in a black wooden gift box.

Champagne sabres are used mainly on ceremonial occasions to open champagne bottles with great style and flair! At fine wine accessories you have a variety of champagne sabres to choose from to make your wine opening experience even better. The opening of a champagne bottle is always reserved for some really memorable and enjoyable occasions. These trustworthy openers will arguably make your champagne opening experience a lot easier and enjoyable without emptying half the bottle in the process. You have a few good options to select from. The Champagne Sabre by Laguiole comes with different kinds of handles all crafted differently. The Champagne Sabre by Laguiole comes with an Olive Wood handle, though a bit delicate than the Stone Block Sabre, is without a doubt equally effective! The other options available are Champagne Sabres with Juniper Wood handle, Light Horn handle and Dark Horn handle. All these are as effective as the Stone Block Sabre. With these fancy champagne sabres, your champagne opening experience will surely be as unforgettable as the occasion itself.