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Two classic wine bottle stoppers to suit most tastes. 3 Seal Bottle Stopper and the Pro Vino Bottle Stopper in stainless steel.


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Vine Wood Cork Bottle Stopper - Item 1632

Cork Bottle stopper with a vine wood top.

3 Seal Bottle Stopper (Chromed Brass) - Item 1216

This three seal bottle stopper (with Chromed Brass)is a great looking and effective wine bottle stopper. Ideal gift for wine lovers.

AntiOx Wine Stopper - 1 - Item 1592

The AntiOx Wine Stopper/Preserver (1) - The simplest wine preserver to use just pop on the bottle firmly - no pumping required!

Save the wine for your next  occasion with our classic wine bottle stoppers. The Pro Vino Bottle Stopper with a stainless steel cone shaped body is just the right option for saving your wine. You also have the 3 Seal Bottle Stopper with a chromed brass which looks stylish and functions even better. Whichever wine bottle stopper you choose, one thing we can assure you is that your wine will be preserved perfectly well for your pleasure later on.