Wine Warmers and Coolers

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Monday, June 16, 2014

To enjoy your wine to the fullest it should be served at just the right temperature so it brings out the true flavours. There are some wines that need to be chilled before drinking while there are those that need to be warmed up a little to maximize their potential.

At Fine Wine Accessories we offer a wide range of useful wine coolers as well as warmers to ensure that your wine gets served at the perfect temperature.

The Therm Au Rouge (link to) in our collection is a great wine warming device well equipped to get your wine to the ideal temperature in a matter of minutes. Its simple mechanism enables you to activate this apparatus with just a click of a button and the energizing gel contained in it works wonders when it comes to getting your wine to its right temperature.
Wine Warmers and Coolers

For wine coolers there is an extensive range including the Vacu Vin Wine Cooler.
This is a handy flexible sleeve that is cooled in the freezer the slipped over a bottle of wine  or Champage and after 5 minutes the drink will be chilled. With the sleeve on the drink should stay chilled for ? hours depending on the outside temperature. Likewise there are also wine buckets and coolers meant for the types of wines that need to be served and kept chilled. Choose from our extensive range so that you can relish the taste of your wine to the fullest.
Wine Warmers and Coolers

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