Wine Master - Combined Corkscrew

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Another excellent gift-worthy addition to our collection is this Wine Master combined Corkscrew and Cork retriever. An unusual, yet handy wine accessory for the frustrating times when the cork gets accidentally pushed into the bottle. This accessory is a great item to have on hand for such unfortunate occasions, using the clever retriever to get the cork out of the bottle quickly!

Including an easy to use conventional corkscrew, this set is also designed to help remove the wine corks of older bottles too. The cork retriever slips around the sides of the cork with the neck of the bottle holding it in place while it pulls out the cork from the bottle. You can also collect the unwanted debris out of the bottle without ruining the wine.
Wine Master - Combined Corkscrew

Fine Wine Accessories are well stocked with great products for wine lovers, including ideal solutions for all your wine-related woes and this is one of them. The good looks also make it a very gift-worthy option for wine enthusiasts.
We stock a number of other accessories that are not only functional but look good and make a great gift option. Please browse through our website to have a look at our selection and ideas.

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