Wine Ice Buckets - Best option to keep your wine Cool

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wine is best drunk at the appropriate right temperature. Most white wine at room temperature is not so appetising and wine if chilled beyond a certain point loses its fine flavour.

  What is the use if your first glass for the evening is at its best but the later ones are not at the right temperature bringing the entire experience down? This is where the Wine Ice Bucket comes in handy.  Wine buckets come in various shapes and sizes and different styles. All good looking and thus can be in sight of guests to add to the elegance of the setting.
At Fine Wine Accessories we have a good range of wine buckets. The sleek and stylish designs also allow you to show off your wine bottles and at the same time make sure that they remain chilled throughout the evenings. Our range of wine buckets and bowls offer you different options and have different capacities from single to four or six bottles.

An example of a traditional wine bucket is this AluminiumWine Bucket. This is complete with ring handles and used by Hotels and Restaurants for countless years to keep Champagne, White and Rose wines chilled at the table. Max Height 21cms - Width (top ext) 19.4cms - Width (bottom ext) 15cms

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