Wine Chillers For the Outdoors

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer holidays are here and it is time to head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. Picnics and outings are a must and there is something about enjoying white wine, Champagne and your sparkling wine outdoors. Keeping the drinks cool can be a task at times, but with the right accessories, this isn’t such a big deal. There are so many ways of doing this. At Fine Wine Accessories we have a very wide selection of wine and champagne chillers to keep your wine and champagne cool.
Check out this Vacu Vin wine cooler for instance. Just put it in the freezer for some time and place it over the bottle later to keep it cool. Your bottle will be chilled within 5 minutes and will stay that way for 2/3 hours at least. Vacu-vin Rapid Ice Champagne Cooler jacket is also a great accessory and works in the similar manner as the previous one.
The oval clear Plastic Wine Cooler comes with a double insulated wall providing you with an effortless way keep wines chilled. Our double walled Wine Cooler looks really elegant on the table. This insulated Bottle Cooler with Table Clamp looks very elegant and is virtually unbreakable.
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Wine Chillers For the Outdoors

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