Wine bottle stacks

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Store your wine bottles in a wooden wine rack that looks really bice you can mould to fit all kinds of crevices and convenient places. The latest wine rack product that we have added at Fine Wine Accessories is the Bottle Block Wine Rack that will allow you to store and display your wine collection in style. This bottle rack is made from the finest quality pine which gives it a chic classy look. It is amazingly easy to assemble and its compact size allows it to fit into any space effortlessly.
Made from the finest quality pine, Bottle Block Wine Racks can be easily assembled to fit any space and can be seamlessly added to. As 'Bottle Blocks' come as separate stackable interlockable blocks you can build them up in any shape you like. We have storage stacks that can hold anything from 13 to 103 wine bottles.
Wine bottle stacks

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