Why You Need Tulip Champagne Glasses

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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

An important element of enhancing the taste and enjoying your champagne, lies in having the right glass to drink it from.
Bringing out the best in your champagne is all about the movement of the bubbles in the drink. These aren’t just there to look nice, they have an important role to play. And the right flute ensures that they do their job well! 
Why You Need Tulip Champagne Glasses

When enjoying champagne, this is the reason why it is served in a tall and slim champagne flute. The bubbles enrich the overall drinking experience as the pop of the bubbles release the aroma of champagne. These popping bubbles give a subtle hint of the flavour even before the first sip is consumed.
Tulip champagne glasses are designed specifically to ensure that the bubbles move in the way they are supposed to. These glasses are usually etched at the bottom so as to provide a starting point for the bubbles to form and rise upwards.
Tulip glasses are designed to bring out the very best in your favourite champagne. Choosing your flutes on fancy appearance alone may not deliver the taste and enjoyment you seek.
Our Tulip glasses at Fine Wine Accessories will enhance your champagne drinking experience. Since Champagne is usually reserved for special occasions, having a glass that is good looking as also designed for the purpose is very important.
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