Why should you Buy Champagne Glasses

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

If you are amongst those who think that buying fancy champagne flutes is just about the looks, feel and class you are absolutely mistaken. Bringing out the flavour of champagne is not only about the right temperature and tipping it in the glass the right way

It is as much about choosing the right kind of champagne flutes. It depends a lot on the movement of the thousands of bubbles in the champagne. The pretty bubbles play an important role in altering the flavour of your drink. And to ensure that they do their job they need the right kind of environment that is the right champagne glass that will make the bubbles dance in the right way and pop up the flavour.
For bubbles to form a starting place is important, and a slightly rough surface does the job well! The best place for these bubbles to start is the centre of the bottom of the glass. Quality champagne glasses have an etched rough surface which makes sure that the bubbles start where they are supposed to start from. The bubbles get larger and faster as they rise and drag the liquid with them right up to the top which then travels back down the sides. The taller the glass, the more vigorous the movement! As the bubbles pop, the aroma molecules burst into the empty space at the top of the glass giving you a hint of the flavour even before you take in your first sip.
A random glass for champagne will fail to bring out the flavour of champagne as well as a proper champagne flute that has been created keeping in mind the science behind the champagne bubbles. So in order to make the most out of the bubbles, you should invest in quality champagne glasses if you enjoy your class of champagne often.

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