Whisky Tasters

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Whiskey tasting events range from simple starter sessions for those new to the dram to a social activity for seasoned connoisseurs. There are so many elements around the drink such as its geographical origin, the water, the soil, the barley, the barrel, the age and wide range of flavours and even how a particular whiskey evolved. Whiskey tasting is an experience in itself, the joy of savouring that first sip through to the experienced drinker enjoying an old favourite or new blend.
Whisky Tasters

An important accessory for the whiskey tasting ritual right from back in the 16th century are Quaich tasting vessels. It all began from the 16th century when small wooden cups first came into being. These whiskey tasting vessels have amazingly evolved over the years from simple tumblers to the tasting glasses of today.
Here at Fine Wine Accessories, we have some beautiful tasting vessels traditionally from Scotland for whisky tasting. These are ornate, can be used on any occasion but are often used in a ceremonial capacity. There are different sizes available. Check out our website to have a look at the different options. For wine enthusiasts, we have equally charming Tastevins in our collection as well. Browse through to have a look.

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