What options are there for wine preservers?

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Friday, October 18, 2019

As soon as youopen a bottle of your favourite vintage wine, you know that it is slowly and steadily inching towards its expiry. But good wine preservers can help slow and stop that process and ensure that your wine stays in the best of its form to be savoured for some time.
What are the kinds available?
A good wine preserver will ensure that the wine does not turn acidic and unfit for consumption. There are different kinds of wine preservers available that help preserve your open wine bottle well.
Vacu Vin: Vacu Vin Wine Saver helps prevent the deterioration by pumping out the air and creating vacuum.
What options are there for wine preservers?

We also have the Vacu Vin Concerto Wine Saver which is used in the same way as the ordinary wine saver. This one comes with 4 stoppers.
AntiOx Wine Stopper: This is a simple wine preserver. It just needs to be popped on the bottle firmly. There is a micro filter present at the top that keeps opened bottles as fresh as any other preserver.
Private Preserve: The Original Inert Gas Aerosol Wine Preserver lays a layer of inert gas over the wine which prevents oxidation. Private Preserve displaces all of the oxygen from the space above the wine.
These are the different wine preservers available with as at Fine Wine Accessories. Visit us to have a look at the details and to order online.

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