What is the Importance of a Wine cellar Hygrometer & Thermometer

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Friday, September 14, 2018

For the wines to age well, temperature control in a wine cellar is very important.
The temperature should be kept at a constant level so as to ensure that the quality of your wine collection remains intact. The humidity levels should also be right to keep the corks moist but help prevent damp and mildew forming. Fluctuations in the temperature and relative humidity can spoil the wine and hence a hygrometer and thermometer is one of the most important accessories required in a wine cellar.
What is the Importance of a Wine cellar Hygrometer & Thermometer

With a good wine thermometer you can ensure temperature stability. The acceptable level of temperature fluctuation can be about 2 to 3°C (5°F) around the average once per year.
A wine thermometer is absolutely necessary to understand the temperature fluctuations which have a direct effect on the maturing and aging of wine. The ideal temperature is somewhere between 11°C and 14°C (52°F to 58°F). Although this is the acceptable temperature range, once a temperature is chosen, it should not fluctuate at all.
Anything below or above the acceptable range can lead to no ageing or premature ageing of your wine. Aging of wine is a series of different chemical reactions between the different compounds present in the wine which are affected by the temperature. The speed of the chemical reactions can increase with a rise temperature resulting in premature ageing and vice versa.
It is said that temperature stability is the "holy grail" of wine storage. Fluctuations allow more air into the wine. The wine and air in the bottle warms up and expands with higher temperature which might lead to a shift in the cork allowing the air or wine to seep past the cork. On the other hand as the temperature drops, the contents tend to contract, drawing air or oxygen into the bottle. With great temperature fluctuations, quite a bit of this outside air can actually replace the evaporating wine taking the true essence of the flavour out of it.
Temperature control and stability are main reason why wine cellar thermometer is so important. Check out our cellar accessories for our stock of thermometers.

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