Use a carafe for pouring your wine in style!

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Monday, August 26, 2019

A carafe is a glass or crystal container without handles used for serving wine and other drinks. These tend to have a long body with a wider base to accommodate large volumes of liquid. A carafe is similar to a wine decanter, the only difference being that it does not include stoppers. To enjoy your wine at its fullest, it needs to be aerated well. Only then will it show its full potential, especially older wines that have been bottled for a long time.

Pouring wine from a carafe brings it into contact with the air, which oxygenises and aerates it well. With an elegant and often decorative appearance, a carafe, used during a dinner party to serve wine can make the entire process appear all the more stylish. These days, using a carafe is more common than using a traditional decanter.
 Use a carafe for pouring your wine in style!

At Fine Wine Accessories, we have a collection of carafes with two options amongst our Tavola Carafes. One that is 25.6 cms in height and another slightly taller version that stands at 28.6 cms height. We also have an extensive collection of decanters in different shapes and sizes.

Please browse through our website to have a look at the options. You can enquire and order online.

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