Types of Wine Tasting

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Monday, August 30, 2021

When it comes to wine tasting, you have likely heard many terms such as blind, non-blind, vertical and horizontal. What exactly do these terms mean and how do they differ from each other?

Well, it’s quite simple and straightforward! Non-blind tasting is uncomplicated and exactly as it sounds - you will know exactly what you are drinking, and you simply taste it and give your thoughts. On the other hand, blind tasting is when you know nothing about the wine other than its type. The producer of the wine, as well as the vintage and varietal are hidden to prevent the tasters forming any preconceived opinions before tasting it. Another type of tasting is double-blind tasting which is very similar to blind tasting, except you don’t even get to know what type of wine it is. During blind tastings many people like to serve the wine in a black wine tasting glass, in order to hide the colour, or from a bottle wrapped in a wine cover.
Types of Wine Tasting

Vertical tasting involves tasting the same wine over the course of various vintages. You could for instance compare a 2005 vintage of a particular selection with a 2004 or 2003, experiencing the similarities and differences of the wine and the vintage distinctions. In a vertical tasting all the wines come from a particular winery but from different vintages.

In a horizontal tasting a flight of similar wines from the same year are tasted allowing you to compare the ways in which they differ. Horizontal tasting helps evaluate wines amongst the different kinds and can be done either blind or non-blind.

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