Top Tips for Great Home Bar Glass Styles

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Monday, September 30, 2019

You have the perfect bar set up, the ideal cocktail accessories and plenty of good quality booze! There’s just one thing missing from rounding off your complete home bar - great glasses! 
Here’s what we’d recommend as the glass essentials you should have to serve drinks for every occasion:
Top Tips for Great Home Bar Glass Styles

Tumblers come in different shapes and sizes and are a priority if you regularly have your spirits neat or on the rocks.
Pint Glasses 
Pint Glasses are just the ticket for quaffing your beers. Although popping a cap and swigging from the bottle is quite cool, your beer drinkers really ought to have the option of a pint receptacle. 
Want a truly respectable set of beer glasses? Then Pilsners are the ones for you!
Wine Glasses 
Wine needs the right glass in order to shine and ensure that it is well oxidized.  While red wines prefer shorter, more rounded glasses, white wines fare better in taller ones.
Shot Glasses 
Shots are the life and soul of a good party and your home bar is never complete without a set of these frivolous little glasses.
Champagne Flutes 
Classy Champagne Flutes should definitely be on hand for whenever you want to a glass of sparkling to celebrate a special occasion.
Whatever ingredients you like to include in your cocktails, we would recommend having tall Collins/Highball glasses close by for your guests.
Coupes and Martini Glasses
Meanwhile, if you want to demonstrate a classic touch while serving your cocktails, don’t forget to check out our selection of Coupes and Martini glasses.
Double Rock Glasses 
And for all the traditionalists out there, Double Rock glasses are the time-honoured choice of the connoisseur drinker!
At Fine Wine Accessories, we supply every type of glass you’ll need to stock your bar, plus we have a wide assortment of complementary barware. Browse through our exclusive collection.

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