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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

At Fine Wine Accessories we are always have a good stock of accessories and wine related gadgets for our wine lovers. We have a fine stock of Spittoons and Tastevins amongst our Wine Tasting Equipment.

To the layman these names are a little strange sounding but Tastevins and Spittoons these are commonly used by wine tasters at the wine tastings.

Tastevins and Spittoons happen to be one of the oldest accessories used for wine tasting and date back to the 300 B.C. Even today the Tastevins haven’t lost their charm and importance when it comes to wine tasting and are used by the cellar masters, enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike. Tastevins are by far one of the best accessories for analysing the color and clarity of your wine.
We stock lots of different shapes of Tastevins such as the Pewter Burgundian Tastevin, an ideal accessory often used at tastings by both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike. The Plain Tastevin with Serpent Handle is a wine tasting dish that looks good and comes in handy for displaying the colour and nose of the wine. The wine Tastevins, Quaiches and spittoons look quite ornate and are excellent wine associated gifts for some special occasions.
Spittoons are, though it sounds a little strange, as the name suggests used for spitting wine rather than drinking it at a tasting. It is not considered rude to spit out wine at a wine tasting and generally individual spittoons are provided for the same. At fine wine accessories we have a wide variety of spittoons including spittoon buckets, stainless steel and plastic hourglass spittoons etc.
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