Looking for Wine Racks? Here are some Great Tips

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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Planning to start your very own wine collection?
The first consideration in that case should be storage and a storage option which is a good one since wine bottles are special. If you are just starting off, wine racks are the best place to start if your collection isn’t way too big. These make the easiest storage solution for wines and are quite hassle free.
Looking for Wine Racks? Here are some Great Tips

Wine bottles that are sealed with a cork should be ideally stored on their side. A wine bottle is closed with a cork to protect a wine from oxygen. Wine bottles for the long haul should be stored on their sides so as to ensure that the cork doesn’t dry out and let air inside thus causing premature oxidation.
The wine bottle racks are made keeping exactly this in mind. These racks provide horizontal storage and are available in different materials. However the ones that look as classy as the wine bottles themselves are the wooden ones in our opinion. Before buying wine racks the first consideration should be the space where you plan to place it. Your wine racks should ideally be placed in a cool dry place where it is not exposed to sunlight. The next point to be considered is the capacity. There are quite a few wine storage racks that can be seamlessly added to.
The latest wine rack product that we have added at Fine Wine Accessories is the Bottle Block Wine Rack that will allow you to store and display your wine collection in style. The Bottle Block Wine Rack olds up to 13 bottles) in its basic form.  Made from the finest quality pine, Bottle Block Wine Racks can be easily assembled to fit any space and can be seamlessly added to so if yu want to store more than 13 you vcan do so by adding mor blocks The free stackable blocks allow you to design your storage space the way you want it.
The Bottle Block Wine Racks for instance can be easily assembled to fit any space and can be altered as required. These come as separate stackable and inter-lockable blocks. We have storage stacks that can hold anything from 13 to 103 wine bottles. Browse through the website to have a look at our wine rack options.

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