Looking for a left handed corkscrew - we have four to choose from!

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Are you left handed and often struggle with opening your wine bottle with a regular corkscrew? Or maybe you know someone that has this problem!
For a 'lefty', opening a corked bottle with a conventional corkscrew can often become awkward as the corkscrew has to be turned the other way around as compared to the more comfortable rotation you would typically do.
Looking for a left handed corkscrew - we have four to choose from!

Corkscrews are designed to provide maximum comfort and stability while opening the wine bottles. But left-handed people often have to struggle with these.
So for them, we sell corkscrews specifically designed to provide maximum ease while opening a bottle. These corkscrews have the thread in the reverse direction, making it easy to turn the screw into the cork in a more natural rotation. The corkscrew rotates counter-clockwise as compared to the clockwise movement of usual corkscrews, which makes it much easier for lefties to use.
With the reversed, anti-clockwise thread for easy left-hand use, lefties don't have to struggle with opening the bottle or even fear breaking the cork or worse still - pushing the cork into the bottle by mistake.
At Fine Wine Accessories, we have a good stock of Corkscrews designed for left-handed people. These are available in different colours.
Check out this Chateau Laguiole corkscrew for the Left-Handed. These are beautifully engineered and balanced, combining elegance and craftsmanship.
Visit us to have a look at the options.

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