Lehmann Wine Glasses

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The wine tasting experience obviously depends on the quality of the wine but also on the type of wine glass used. The wine glass is the most important wine accessory and has a significant influence on the wine tasting experience.
At Fine Wine Accessories, the latest in stock is this beautiful Lehmann Excellence White Wine Glass. These wine glasses are all machine-blown and offer qualities of having a brilliant transparency, high breakage resistance, high sonority and high elasticity. These beautiful glasses are a perfect mélange of the modern day technology and the traditional designs.
Lehmann Wine Glasses
Lehmann Excellence Tumbler (6 x 390ml)

These glasses are great present options for the enthusiasts and the connoisseurs alike. Wine tasting is quite common and to understand and also appreciate these vintage wines it is necessary to have the right kind of glasses. The Lehmann Glass brand is known for its ability to make best presentation of the beautiful aroma of your wine. Here the shape of the glass holds prime importance during wine tasting and the Lehmann glasses have been crafted with perfection and meet the requirements of all those discerning wine connoisseurs.
Lehmann Wine Glasses
Lehmann Excellence White Wine Glass (6 x 250ml)

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