Leather Bound Cellar Book

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Are you looking for a handy gift for someone who is into wine? There are quite a few accessories and items that come in handy for those who hold a collection of wine. Check out this leather-bound Wine Log Cellar Book, for instance. This journal is perfect for keeping a detailed record of your collection with neatly organised sections for entries.

Section 1 consists of the Wine Tasting Basics. For those new to wines, there is a simple guide for accessing wine. It includes the following:
·      A glossary of over 300 tasting terms
·      Wine cellar guide
·      Wine temperature serving information

Leather Bound Cellar Book

Section Two of 55 pages includes Cellar Records where you can organise and catalogue fine wines. There are individual pages for each wine purchased. You can add details such as

·      Dates
·      Supplier information
·      Producer
·      Grape Variety
·      Country/Region
·      Vintage
·      Notes
·      Prices
·      Stock changes
·      Consumption history showing the maturing of each wine

Section Three consists of Tasting Notes, and there is space for 100 entries.

Section four provides space for Address and Telephone.

Section Five consists of information about the best websites for wine information.

This good-looking hardback book with a black cover and gold embossing make one of the most popular of the gifts for wine lovers.

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