Keep your Wine Decanter sparkling clean with our cleaning accessories

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A decanter is such an important wine accessory. It doesn’t just allow you to serve the wine in style, it also helps aerate the wine correctly and to separate any sediment that may be present.

Decanter glass itself can often get stained, however, due to the natural tannins and pigments present in wine. Hence, a decanter needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that it doesn’t hamper the aroma of the wine over time. So how do you go about cleaning your decanter, ensuring it ends up sparkling clean?
Keep your Wine Decanter sparkling clean with our cleaning accessories

At Fine Wine, we don’t just claim to provide every possible wine and champagne accessory, we actually do! To make sure that your decanter is sparkling clean, we have two crucial accessories that’ll you need to complete the job.

Firstly, a soft, long-necked Brush is the easiest solution for cleaning decanters. This brush, which is available in two sizes, allows you to clean the insides of the decanter with minimum effort.  When used with a solution of water and dishwashing liquid, the brush will help you clean away all kinds of residue that may have accumulated in the decanter.

Our brushes are great for decanters that are simple and straight, where the brush can reach every inch of the receptacle. But what about other different or more quirky styles of decanters, like our duck decanter? These are not as easy to clean.

For such decanters, we have our Stainless Steel Decanter Cleaning Balls. These handy cleaning balls are an ideal cleaning accessory for all kinds of decanters and claret jugs. Adding some soapy water solution is all that’s required to achieve a first class finish for your decanter. Simply swirl the cleaning balls and water around for a minute or two and rinse with clean water and viola – the result, a sparkling clean decanter!

When it comes to cleaning decanters, these are the handiest accessories to have close at hand. Visit our website to have a look at our complete a range of accessories.

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