Hip Flask Pewter

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Do people still use hip flasks? This is a very common question that we often come across. And the answer to this is off course yes! Although it is not as common as it was back in the day, for those who want to carry liquor with them discretely, hip flasks are the best option.
Besides, these are also used for those who want to make a style statement. After all, this is one traditional accessory that is classic! Did you know that hip flasks in various forms have been used since the Middle ages? Carrying pouches of concealed alcoholic gutted fruit, ladies smuggling gin on board ships in their petticoats, to the sleek stainless steel examples of today!
Hip Flask Pewter

Hip Flasks are chic and stylish, and importantly they are handy to carry your favourite mix with style. Nowadays these are also common with people engaged in outdoor sports such as hunting or fishing etc.
At Fine Wine Accessories, we have always had a good stock of hip flasks in our collection. The latest addition to our stock of hip flasks is this slim, elegant 6oz Hip Flask in an antique look. This is a classic example, could be engraved, and can be a part of a collection or one to use occasionally. An excellent option worth having a look at! Browse through for more details.

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