Decanters Are Essential and not just another wine accessory

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Friday, January 08, 2016

If you think that a decanter is just another fancy wine accessory then think again
Decanters are essential if you want to relish the wine at its best
So how does a decanter help in enhancing the wine?
- Aeration. It is a well known fact that wine is generally enhanced by exposure to air. The more it gets exposed the better! Once you pour the wine into the glass it gets aerated to an extent. But pouring wine into the decanters help in aerating the wine even more. The decanters are made in such a way that the large surface of the decanters offer greater exposure to air and thus it gets aerated thoroughly. Aerating the wine enhances it by softening it and developing the aromas further. Decanting helps even the cheaper wines to an extent
- Sedimentation. Older wines often have a degree of sedimentation that accumulates at the bottom of a wine bottle. It is best not to drink this. By decanting wine into a decanter one can avoid pouring the seddiment into the decanter and thus make it easier to avoid any seddiment entering the wine glass when pouring from the decanter
Fine Wine Accessories offers a good variety of wine decanters. Right from the simple ones to the ornate and unusually shaped decanters, the variety is stunning.
The Ships decanters for instance which were traditionally used by Royal Navy ships are characterized by a broader base as compared to the others and there are some classy options available.

If you are looking for something fun we have a whole range of unusually designed duck decanters that come in the shape of a duck. Other options include Symphony Decanter, Prestige Decanter, and Sovereign Decanter etc.

The other available decanters include the Burgundy Vendanges Decanter, Concerto Decanter, the Spiegelau Angelo Decanter, the Hoggett Decanter etc. Unique looks and stunning appearances make these decanters make exquisite gift options too!
Decanters Are Essential and not just another wine accessory

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