Burgundian Tastevin

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Friday, December 20, 2019

A Tastevin by definition is a silver cup used for wine tasting, traditionally carried by a sommelier. It is relatively small and shallow silver cup which looks a bit like a saucer. It comes with a thumb-handle attached to it.

Winemakers traditionally used a tastevin for judging the maturity, quality, clarity and taste of a wine. These are often used during wine tasting sessions by connoisseurs even today. Classic and ornate, they make an unusual, ornate and decorative wine accessory - perfect for a gift. A tastevin is typically 7 to 8 cms in diameter.
Burgundian Tastevin

Tastevins were first created centuries ago in Burgundy. These were an essential accessory in candlelit cellars to judge the maturity of wine. These were designed so that the shiny convex bottom and its typical indentations reflected the dim candlelight throughout the cup, thus allowing the winemakers to examine the wine and its characteristics.

A tastevin was usually attached to a chain or ribbon and was worn around the neck. According to a tradition that dates back to the 15th or 16th century, a tastevin was also given as a christening present. This was then considered to be a tool rather than a decorative object of art. The people of Burgundy were known to keep it in their pockets.

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