Benefits of Decanting Wine

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Wine decanting is important. All kinds of wines young or old, red, white or rose need to be and can be decanted. All wines benefit from decanting, even if only for a few seconds, as a result of the aeration. In comparison to other wines, young, strong red wines in particular need to be decanted since the tannins in them are more intense.
Benefits of Decanting Wine

1. It helps to separate sediment from the wine. There are often sediments that settle down at the bottom of the wine bottle. Decanting helps separate these sediments. While sediment is not harmful, the taste sure is unpleasant.
2. Decanting enhances the flavour of the wine through aeration. Aeration exposes the wine to oxygen which enhances the flavour of the wine by making the tannins softer and releasing the gases that have developed in the bottle due to the absence of oxygen. Decanting helps enhance the flavours and aromas that are dormant while bottled.
3.  When opening older wine bottles, it’s not uncommon for the cork to break. Decanting in these situations can save your wine by separating the cork pieces. If the cork disintegrates, you can simply use a strainer while you decant to filter out the smaller pieces.

These are three of the most important benefits of wine decanting. At Fine Wine Accessories, we have an interesting collection of wine decanters. Browse our website to see our entire range of wine decanting accessories.

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