AntiOx Wine Preserver

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

You seldom finish a wine bottle in one go. So obviously the most common problem faced after enjoying your favourite glass of wine is preserving the same to finsh another day. Maintaining the quality of the wine left over in the bottle is important. So what is the best way to preserve the wine that you leave behind?
There are a few options available. One is that you have the Vacu Vin Wine Saver that helps prevent the deterioration of wine once opened. This wine saver can simply be placed in the neck of the wine which later pumps out the air. There are variants available that are suitable for sparkling wines as well. There are Original Inert Gas Aerosol Wine Preservers as well.
The simplest one however is this AntiOx wine preserver that simply pops onto the bottle firmly and requires no pumping. The micro filter in the top keeps opened bottles as fresh as any other preservers that have been tried and tested. This product has been tested for its efficiency and has had proven results of preserving the flavour for over 10 days and has also markedly outperformed vacuum systems. The special patented filter in the stopper and its silicone construction forms a tight hermetic seal on the bottle which helps preserve the flavour and halts oxidation too. The best feature of this stopper is however the date recording system which helps you keep track.

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