Cork Pops Corkscrew - Legacy
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Cork Pops Corkscrew - Legacy - Item 1315

The Cork Pops Legacy Gas Operated Cork Remover is the fastest, easiest way to open a bottle of wine! It works on traditional and synthetic corks. Simply insert the Cork Pops Legacy's teflon coated needle straight down through the cork, press once on the top of the low pressure propellant cartridge, and the cork is lifted out with a celebratory "POP"! Cork Pops is designed to fit all traditional wine bottles as well as the new flanged lip bottles. The matt black finish makes it the perfect addition to any style of barware. The Cork Pops uses gas from a low-pressure cartridge to gently remove the cork from the bottle without affecting the taste of the wine. Cork Pops features: * Teflon coated needle * Works on traditional and most synthetic corks (except synthetic corks taken straight from the fridge) * Custom designed needle guard * Needle insertion guide * Sliding ring for removing extracted cork in a single motion * Built-in foil cutter * Supplied with one Cork Pops cartridge * Each cartridge removes 60-80 corks Dimensions: Height - 16.8 cms Diameter 5.1 cms

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Cork Pops Corkscrew Refills (2 pack) - Item 1316

Corkscrew refills (2 pack)

£19.95 inc. vat    Qty

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