Clef du vin

A scientifically-designed measuring device, Clef du vin allows you to optimise the tasting, selection and laydown time of your wines.

Effective on all wine (white, red, dry, sweet etc) Clef du Vin immediately reveals your wines’ ageing potential over the years to come.

Entertaining and Easy to use

The Clef du Vin is dipped into a 10cl glass of wine*. For each second that the disc is submerged, the taste and aroma of the wine will be modified, "ageing" the wine by the equivalent of one year

*Or a 75cl bottle for the bottle model

Commence by pouring yourself a glass of wine (10cl), taste and memorise.

Dip the Clef du Vin disk into the glass for one second, taste again and compare.

Dip the Clef du Vin disk into the glass for two seconds, taste again and compare.

Repeat the operation until the wine deteriorates.

If after several dips (or a continuous dip of a few seconds), the wine remains pleasant or improves, you can buy with confidence, it will age well.

If the wine deteriorates after one or two seconds of contact, the wine has little or no ageing capacity, and should be drunk soon.

Drinking Young Wines

With Clef du Vin you can appreciate the real potential of an immature wine, in a matter of seconds.

Red wines will see their tannins softening, and their roundness appearing.

The acidity of dry white wines will be diminished, revealing the subtle flavours of the fruit.

Sweet white wines will become richer

Clef du Vin allows you to enjoy today the full potential of a lay down wine, which would have otherwise waited for years.


The Clef du Vin accelerates the natural ageing process of wines. Consequently, wines with no ageing capacity may not improve and may actually deteriorate as a result of using Clef du Vin. (It will not turn "plonk" into a fine wine!)

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