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Miscellaneous Wine Gifts: Wine Accessory gifts and WineGift Sets

A range of wine accessory gifts that are ideal for gifts and special occasions.... especially Christmas!


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Butler's Thief Corkscrew - Item 1143

As it's name suggests this ingenious Butler's Thief corkscrew enables the 'Butler' to open and sample a wine without the Master of the house finding out!
£6.40 inc. vat

Corkscrew, twin lever, Black - Item 1588

This Twin Lever Black Corkscrew is European made with an open worm as is our chromed model. Please note that this is a top quality example of this ever popular corkscrew - and as such is much sturdier than many less expensive models.
£8.55 inc. vat

Vacu Vin Champagne Saver - Item 1589

The Vacu Vin Champagne Saver - An essential wine accessory for all Champagne and Sparkling Wines
£10.75 inc. vat

Vacu Vin Twister Corkscrew - Item 1146

Vacu Vin Twister Corkscrew. Similar to the original screwpull, but a more modern design.
£11.55 £10.40 inc. vat

Cork Retriever - Item 1171

Very useful for pulling out those soft corks that have been pushed into the bottle with this cork retriever.
£14.55 inc. vat

Bottle Balancer (Clear Acrylic) - Item 1243

This clear acrylic bottle balancer can give the illusion that the bottle is suspended in space given the correct light and angle from where it is viewed. A great individual bottle rack for that special bottle of wine.
£15.85 inc. vat

Grape Design Drip Ring (Pewter) - Item 1212

Pewter Drip Ring - Grape Design.
£16.95 inc. vat

Cellar Book (Black Leather Bound) - Item 1256

Beautiful leather bound cellar book to keep a record of wines.
£18.10 inc. vat

Key Ring - Wine Bottle Silver Plate - Item 1244

A novelty key ring in shape of a wine bottle.
£18.40 inc. vat

Key Ring - Champagne Cork Silver Plate - Item 1245

A novelty but useful Champagne Cork key ring.
£19.90 inc. vat

Le Creuset Foil Cutter - Black Metal - Item 1543

Le Creuset Foil Cutter Metal with a Black Finish
£23.10 £20.79 inc. vat

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch) - Item 1591

Scottish Granite Whisky Stones (1 x Box of 6 Stones with Storage Pouch).
If you don't like your Whisky (Particularly a Fine Single Malt) diluted by ice on a warm day - these ice-cube size granite stones are for you - keep them in your Freezer ready for use -'SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS'!
£24.75 inc. vat

Letter Knife - Grape Handle (Pewter) - Item 1248

A most attractive and ornate little letter opener paper knife.
£25.95 inc. vat

Champagne Cork Display Box (Glass & Pewter) - Item 1257

The perfect gift for a Wedding, Anniversary or Christening etc.
Something different!
£27.05 inc. vat

Paperweight Champagne Cork (Silver Plate) - Item 1258

A Lifesized silver plated Champagne cork paperweight.
£27.05 inc. vat

Wine Pourer, Hinged Lid (Silver Plate) - Item 1210

Silver plated wine pourer with a hinged lid. Ideal dual purpose Bar accessory to stop dripping wine and as a wine stopper.
£27.20 £24.48 inc. vat

Hip Flask Pewter - Rectangular - Hammered 4oz - Item 1547

A High quality Rectangular 4oz Hip Flask with a 'Hammered Finish'
£28.35 inc. vat

Hip Flask Pewter - Rectangular - Victorian 6oz - Item 1549

A Slim, Elegant 6oz Hip Flask with an Antique Look
£32.20 inc. vat

Coaster with Cork Holder (Pewter) - Item 1007

This is an unusual wine bottle coaster in an antique style and having a useful integral cork holder.
£41.80 £37.62 inc. vat

Zig Zag Corkscrew - Item 1148

This is an excellent replacement for the now discontinued Lazy Fish Corkscrew with the same 'Lazy Tongs' movement.
£45.95 £41.36 inc. vat

Digital Maximum/Minimum Cellar Thermometer/Hygrometer - Item 1251

This digital maximum/minimum cellar thermometer and hygrometer will help you keep those precious wines in correct storage conditions.
Overall W 15cm x H 14cm - Face W 7.5cm x H 6.5cm
NB Batteries (2 x AAA) Included.
£48.30 £43.47 inc. vat

Decantus deLuxe Wine Aerator - Item 1497

This unique Aerator is one of the most effective wine aerators on the market.
£58.15 £52.34 inc. vat

Pewter Wine Calendar - Item 1508

This is a most attractive and useful Wine Accessory giving a huge amount of valuable information as can be seen in the picture.
£63.55 inc. vat

Pewter Decanting Funnel - Flat Filter - Item 1052

An extremely functional yet attractive wine funnel for decanting wine into both carafes and decanters.
£70.30 £63.27 inc. vat

Le Creuset Screwpull LM 250 - Item 1317

The updated version of the Famous and 'Original' Screwpull model that became a must have corkscrew for all wine enthusiasts - Complete with Foil Cutter.
£81.15 £73.04 inc. vat

Spiegelau Angelo - Decanter (Magnum) - Item 1395

Spiegelau Angelo Decanter (Magnum) is a modern but elegant Decanter from Spiegelau, combining quality and really good value - (Supplied without a Stopper).
£96.55 £86.90 inc. vat

Pocket Model Clef du Vin - Elegance - Item 1137

Pocket Model Clef du Vin - Elegance
£118.20 inc. vat

Claret Jug - Pewter Base and Mount (Bottle) - Mouth Blown - Item 1038

An extremely elegant Claret jug beautifully made in glass and pewter. This stylish wine decanter has a hinged lid and just begs to be filled with a fine Bordeaux!
£169.30 inc. vat

Champagne Sabre - Stone Block - Item 1176

A Champagne Sabre is used mainly on ceremonial occasions but is often used to open a champagne bottle with great style and flair!
£186.10 £167.49 inc. vat

The joy of enjoying a fine wine goes beyond just what is inside that bottle. Our wine accessories can set the mood for a perfect evening with your near and dear ones. Fine Wine Accessories goes beyond just setting the mood. If you want to make your near and dear ones happy by gifting them something, Fine Wine Accessories provides you with a range of wine accessory gifts that are ideal for gifting on special occasions. If you have a friend who is a wine connoisseur, what is better than gifting him or her something to do with wine to make him or her happy? Whether it is a birthday, a wedding or just a festive season, wine or wine related gifts are always exquisite. You can select something from our wide range and we assure you that your gift will be well appreciated by all. From flutes to key chains to champagne bowls to clarets, jugs and artistic decanters. We have a number of options available for you. Pick out the ideal accessory and make your loved one very happy.