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Decanting Accessories » Decanting Funnels and Aerators

These decanting funnels and aerators are both attractive and useful.


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Pewter Decanting Funnel - Flat Filter - Item 1052

An extremely functional yet attractive wine funnel for decanting wine into both carafes and decanters.
£70.30 inc. vat

Pewter Decanting Funnel - Fixed Filter - Item 1552

A superior decanting funnel in polished hand-made pewter with a fixed filter. This decanting funnel is one of our most popular wine accessories gifts.
£87.10 inc. vat

Wine Aerator - Glass - Item 1276

Wine aerators are fast becoming a fashionable wine accessory, as well as being very practical.
£19.10 inc. vat

Sphera Wine Aerator - Silver plate - Item 1553

An unusual wine aerator made in Silver plated metal. This wine aerator sits on the top of your decanter and you simply pour the wine over it so that it slides down the grooves into the Decanter - Pour slowly and carefully!

£20.55 inc. vat

Decantus Classic Wine Aerator - Item 1497

This unique Aerator is one of the most effective wine aerators on the market.
Includes Decantus Classic Aerator & Base, Velvet Storage Pouch, Sediment Screen and Cleaning Brush.
£58.15 inc. vat

Wine Aerator (Pewter) - Item 1057

This wine aerator model(pewter)is possibly one of the most effective aerators on the market.
£71.50 inc. vat

Wine decanting equipment including decanting funnels of glass, pewter and silver plate, some with filters.

Aerators include glass silver plate and pewter.